In God's Hands Ministries, Inc. was birthed in January 2007. Our ministerial team consists of our Pastors: Elder John David Smith and Evangelist Robin LaVerne Smith, and our Minister, Evangelist Esther S. Spearman. Through this God ordained team of Gospel Ministers, God's Word pours forth into a continuous message of Salvation to all who desire to hear the truth of God's Word. The purpose of our ministry rests in our motto: "From Religion to Relationship Living in God's Will, God's Way." The purpose of our motto is to inform all of God's children that we can no longer conform to the traditional practice of religion, but we must embrace a personal relationship with God. He wants His children to truly know who He is in order that we might be blessed beyond measure.

It is our mission to teach people to live according to the mind of Jesus Christ and to work as God has purposed for us to work. We will do these things without complaining so that we may be blameless as we live in the midst of crookedness and perversion. God will cause our lights to shine in the darkness as we remain steadfast and unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, for we know that our labor is not in vain. We will neither judge one another, nor cause one another to fall; We will rejoice in the Lord always, for we are persuaded that nothing shall separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

It is our objective to meet people where they are in life, and to do our best to assist them in meeting their spiritual, physical, mental, and social needs; to encourage and support the total person in mind, body, soul, and spirit; to be responsive and responsible to God's call in and upon their life. We follow the teachings of Jesus as practiced by the Apostles. We believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that He laid the foundation for His Church through His birth, life, ministry, death, burial and resurrection. This Plan culminated on the Day of Pentecost as described in the Second Chapter of Acts. We believe in the paying of Tithes as commissioned by God in Malachi 3:8-10; We believe in the power of prayer and the anointing with oil as described in James 4:13-15; and we believe in the giving of our time and talents for the work of the ministry and the edifying of God's children.

Our beliefs are grounded in the Apostles' Doctrine upon whose foundational principles our Ministry stands. The below principles are clickable links provided to assist you in gaining further insight into our Ministry and a greater understanding of our beliefs.

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Our Ministerial Team

Pastor David Smith of In God's Hands Ministries

J. David Smith

Ordained District Elder

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Pastor Robin L. Smith
 Robin L. Smith

Ordained Evangelist

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Evangelist Esther S. Spearman

Esther S. Spearman

Ordained Evangelist

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