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IGHMinistries Misconception - God's grace removes you from under the law. Truth - God's grace has a law all its own.
IGHMinistries RT @JUDAHMUSIC4U: Some of you are worn out because you’re taking on extra tasks to feel accepted by people. When they are done using you, y…
IGHMinistries I Remember: A Reflection of Life Healing/Deliverance Service It's our way of openly telling the devil "I Remember"… https://t.co/MQCFfbuve5
IGHMinistries "Exceptional Worship" experience, Sun., Sept. 9, 2018, 4:00PM. Guest messenger: Rev. Dr. Alice Ridgill, pastor, New… https://t.co/lWNs1XQHDW
IGHMinistries In God's Hands Ministries has moved to it's new edifice at 3563 Hwy 20, Due West, SC. To God Be The Glory!!!!!
IGHMinistries IGHM 10th Year Ministry Anniversary, 1/22/17, 11AM, Apostle Dr. Armenia Johnson; 4PM, Bishop Dr. Emanuel Spearman. https://t.co/ENLxUux5QL
IGHMinistries Once we stop focusing on the nonessential things in life, then we'll be able to see the things that really matter.
IGHMinistries Join us Sunday, September 11, 2016 @ 4:00PM for an "Exceptional Worship" experience, w/ Prophetess Barbara Bluford. https://t.co/wbQOop9ps9
IGHMinistries @LeAndriaJ So destructive with little/no concern and will still think they're right. Such behavior benefits no one.
IGHMinistries Don't let society's twisted views stifle who God created you to be. You were created with a purpose and the glory shall belong to God.
IGHMinistries Seek the Lord while He may be found call on Him while He is near. Don't risk not knowing Him only to learn He IS real and learn it too late!
IGHMinistries God's love is the one constant in life that we can count on and yet we tend to always diminish it's value.
IGHMinistries If God is able to see past your faults, then you should be able to see past the faults of other people.
IGHMinistries God loves you just enough that other people know it before you do!
IGHMinistries When God tries to get your attention, it's because He has something to say. That's when you need to listen the most.
IGHMinistries When the children of God come to realize the power and authority which God has given them, and only then will things change to please God.
IGHMinistries Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. He died that we might have that life for eternity. Remember His sacrifice!
IGHMinistries If you have the mind of Christ, as in 1 Corinthians 2:16, you don't have to ask WWJD, because you already know!
IGHMinistries There is more on the inside of you than you are aware of, and more on the outside of you that people have yet to see. Allow God to saw all.
IGHMinistries God cares for you enough to allow the Holy Spirit to be your comforter.
IGHMinistries Everything God ever intended for you is still possible if you are willing to follow Him where He leads!
IGHMinistries Due to inclement weather, In God's Hands Ministries, 1745 Hwy 72/221 E, Greenwood, SC will not assemble for Bible Study on 1/29/14 Stay safe
IGHMinistries Glorify God in all things that you do and say.
IGHMinistries When everything God gives seems to fade in comparison to what the world has to offer, consider this: everything in the world belongs to God!
IGHMinistries Love God more than any man/woman, and you will discover that God is always faithful.
IGHMinistries Though the blessings of God may seem to tarry, wait on them, because what God has for you, it is for you!
IGHMinistries There is no right way to do a wrong thing, but there are plenty of wrong ways to make you think you are right when doing wrong.
IGHMinistries Everything God does, He does it well. If we see anything to the contrary, it's because of the eyes we see through.

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